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Our Story

Between Creatives, otherwise known as ‘The BC Gals’, individually known as Aimee, Megan and Naomi; are a trio of artists. Here’s how our journey began…

Three wildly different women met as undergraduates at Bath Spa University in 2015. As fate would have it, it wasn’t until our third year of the course that we all aligned into the same projects. We performed in two theatrical productions together in term one, made and acted in several short films in term two, and before we knew it, our final term of university was looming! We all entered the Bath Fringe Festival where we had free range to create whatever we wanted…

Aimee wanted to write and create an original piece of theatre, Megan wanted to explore current female issues theatrically and Naomi wanted to share her poetry and create a spoken word piece. Between several exciting conversations resulting in, ‘shall I say something to her, shall I not? Will she want to work on this project with me? Will they like my ideas? Shall I just go for it, what have I got to lose…’ Naomi sent Aimee her poetry, Megan and Aimee had a passionate debate over dinner, Megan spoke to Naomi about the debate, Aimee spoke to Naomi about how their writing and poetry can blend together, Megan and Aimee realised they wanted to explore similar themes, they all went to a meeting together over dinner (our favourite thing to do together) and we finally decided to go for it!

Our Story

The beginning of the magic….

We gathered together at Meg’s student house (Aimee’s was falling apart and Naomi’s was too far away) and began discussing themes that were important to us to make a piece of theatre with (over endless cups of coffee). We had debates that lasted for hours, we laughed together, we cried together, we got passionate and decided to change the world together! We quickly realised we wanted similar things and working together felt like an amazing opportunity. It was during this early stage of our journey, that we formed the strong bond of friendship that has been our backbone ever since.

With plenty of ideas developing, we got straight into the rehearsal studio and began bringing them to life… wallah! ‘Seeds’ was born. A blend of spoken word, poetry and prose.

RMEDIA Photoshoot

We were fortunate enough to have a photoshoot with Renaissance; a multi-disciplinary boutique production company based in London. This would become our marketing material for Seeds. Julian, Tamara and Dumas made the experience so beautiful for us, we have never forgotten it! They understood Seeds, they saw how important it was to us and produced an array of photos we will love forever!

‘shall we, does she, can we…’ but we were all the thinking the same thing and we all really wanted to continue after Uni, so wallah! Between Creatives was born.

As time went on, and Seeds was becoming a more well rounded piece, Kerry came in to check up on us. Kerry was our course leader in third year and is a fierce lady in our lives. She said, ‘why don’t you make this a proper thing, maybe form a collective together and continue after you graduate?’ and in true Kerry style, she put the idea out there and then left us to it… The questions started again ‘shall we, does she, can we…’ but we were all the thinking the same thing and we all really wanted to continue after Uni, so wallah! Between Creatives was born. Coming up with that name though, that was no easy feat! More cups of coffee than usual and hours later; we decided on ‘Between Creatives’ because we are so different from one another, but somehow, we are able to use our life experiences, backgrounds and our voices together through art to create an ever changing style of work that is thought-provoking, pertinent, and relatable to the wider community. Always teaching and being taught simultaneously by one another we are continuously seeking new people to do this with. Fundamentally, we believe learning is at the root of life and life is at the root of art.

Individually we are unique, but together we rise.

On Tuesday 30th May, 2017 we had our debut performance of Seeds at Burdall’s Yard in Bath. The response was overwhelming and we loved every single second of it! We performed it for a second time on Sunday 4th June, 2017 and again, we were elated with the outcome.

We recognise that many glorious people have contributed in helping us get to where we are. All our wonderful tutors who still guide and support us today, all the interesting people we met, spoke to and worked with along the way during Seeds, our peers at University and our amazing friends and families. Your continued love and belief in us (not to mention free sofa’s, food, rehearsal space, support; emotionally, physically and spiritually) allows us to keep striving forward. Where would we be without you all? Sobbing uncontrollably in a toilet somewhere…


On Saturday 22nd July, 2017 the three of us graduated with first class honours from Bath Spa University surrounded by our loved ones. It was the most beautiful day (despite the rain, although we didn’t mind) and the beginning of our professional journey…

‘No rain, no flowers’

Since graduating, we have continued to perform Seeds and develop it into a full length production. Our step into the professional world has been an amazing roller coaster, but it is extremely tough. We are building a business from scratch and at times we feel like we have no idea what we are doing and the constant obstacles we face daily can be difficult to overcome. But we do, because we are so lucky to have each other! We are nothing short of determined, we are extremely passionate about storytelling and connecting with people and we have an unsatisfiable curiosity to know more about ourselves and the world around us.

We have fire in our bellies, endless dreams and a desire to make you all proud.

Look out world, we’re coming for you!

All our love,

The BC Gals xxx

Many Thanks

We had the most glorious day with the extraordinary Luke Tubbs, who photographed the images for this very website (see below). We were lucky enough to have the photoshoot in the fabulous Renaissance’ studio and from there, wonderful David Hoe put together this entire website for us.

– Thank you all.

Luke Tubbs Photographer – luketubbs.format.com
Renaisance – renaisance.london