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Aimee Pollock

Aimee is an actor, writer and theatre maker. She has a first class honours degree in Acting from Bath Spa University and was awarded the Alumni Funded Scholarship during her final year. She has previously studied Musical Theatre at Colin’s Performing Arts and was awarded the Drama Award in her final year in 2009. Her work in theatre includes, Kate in Little Revolution with OnSet Productions, Mary Dawson in Christmas at Newton Park with Onset Productions, Henry V in Henry V with The Scullions, Annabella Gotchling in A Bright Room Called Day with Invulnerable Nothings. In September 2017, Aimee performed with the David Glass Ensemble as Esther Summerson in a Gothic retelling of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. She is currently playing A in Seeds.

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More About Aimee

Nickname (s): Aim(z), Polly, Keeks, Louy, Turtle (only my Pa calls me that) Aunty Mimi, Flo

Star Sign: Virgo

10 quirks we may or may not know about you: I’m a vegan, I love being an Auntie to my niece Violet, I am a middle child of two brothers, I am a qualified Sports Therapist but never give any massages, I love to dance, I’m scared of the dark, I was once a secondary school teacher, I want to travel the world, I am a founding member of Thursday Club and Friday Club (you’ll want in once you know), I often burst into song

Your worst habit: I bite my nails

A phrase you say too often: “I may be overthinking this”

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing? Working with children or animals

What is your ideal themed party? Dress up as your alter ego

An embarrassing moment: I ran for the bus when I was at Uni (a regular occurrence) and as the bus pulled away, I tripped and slid down the side and rolled towards the pavement. I had a lot of bags, I fell on a pair of headphones (that I borrowed from Uni) and snapped them in half, I also landed on and burst open my almond milk and cut up my arms and legs. A nice boy came over to help me up and whispered “you might want to pull your skirt down, your knickers are showing” as I heard everybody else at the bus stop laughing.

What are the changes you wish to see in the world? More patience and understanding and acceptance of others and their situations. Taking more time to help those in need and think less about just ourselves. We try and tell people all the things we really feel, when we really feel it… I’m still trying to do that.

What do you hope to leave behind? That everyone who really knew me, always felt loved and cared for.

My philosophy is… How you treat others says a lot about you, treat them how you wish to be treated.