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Megan Vernon

Megan is an actor, creator, theatre maker and writer. she qualified with a first class honours degree in Acting from Bath Spa University. Her theatre credits include, Cecily Carruthers in Travesties, Hamlet in 15-Minute Hamlet, Alecky in Little Revolution with OnSet Productions, Mabel in Christmas at Newton Park with Onset Productions and Pandarus in Troilus and Cressida with Onset Productions. She is currently playing M in Seeds.

More About Megan

Nickname (s): Meg(z), Foghorn (in reference to my laugh; if you know you know), Chéri, Albs

Star Sign: Cancer

10 quirks we may or may not know about you: My aforementioned laugh, I was born in France, I’m a vegetarian, I once got a pencil stuck in my eye, I played rugby, fresh bed sheets make me very happy, I’m actually the tallest member of BC, I was a scout, I bruise like a peach and I love visiting new places.

Your worst habit: Procrastination, probably. Or snacking (a form of procrastination)

A phrase you say too often: “Hey Gal”

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing? I couldn’t choose. Acting gives me the chance to have a different job every week if I wish.

What is your ideal themed party? Anything fancy dress!

An embarrassing moment: When the pantomine I go to with my family every year stopped on account of my laugh, or ‘the seagull who’d made its way into the auditorium’ as they so kindly put it.

What are the changes you wish to see in the world? People caring more about the collective and less about the individual. As cliche as it is, kindness doesn’t cost a penny but if everyone used their’s a little more, what a world we’d all live in.

What do you hope to leave behind? A small pocket of hope for those who need it.

My philosophy is… Be the change you wish to see in the world (I’m working on it)